Design Help

You can always contact us by email or phone for assistance in designing your custom coolies, however the information below should clarify most questions in terms of how to find art designs and the printing options available. We will send you a free proof by email for your approval prior to printing, we will also contact you for clarifications in your design if needed.

Each of our products has the option to use the design tool to create your own design. Alternatively, you can utilize assisted design using options on the product pages as a guide to tell us how you want your coolies to look. You can upload files such as photos, clipart and logos for your design as well as type the text you would like in lines and add notes to help us create your design.

Below are some tips and guides to creating great custom coolies using assisted design or when designing your own.

If You Already Have Your Logo or Design Ready:

  • Simply upload the high quality image(s) and files using the upload or add art buttons on the product detail page.
  • Vector graphics are preferred if possible, these file types include eps, ai, cdr and pdf.
  • We can also use image files such as jpg or png, however these files may not have the quality needed for us to print them, if possible save image files at 200 or 300 dpi before uploading.
  • It's important to send good quality high resolution images, if you don't know what you have just submit the design and we will contact you with further instructions or questions.

Stock Images:

  • If you need quality art or images and you DO NOT intend to resell your coolies then you can use photos, images, illustrations and vectors from stock web sites such as or You can purchase the rights to use these images (for personal use) on your custom coolies order. Buying the personal use rights to quality stock images can cost anywhere from a few dollars to $20.00 depending on the image and size. 
  • You can also use search engine image searches to locate designs to purchase and upload, this is a good way to search across all the clip art and stock image sites at once for a specific term.
  • It is best to buy the vector version or image file at a resolution of 300 DPI or greater (if available) and upload it with your order, add text, notes etc.

Free Clip Art:

  • You can find good free clip art from or 
  • Please download the vector version of the free clip art or just provide a link to the page where the art is located in the notes section of the order page.
  • We also offer a variety of different clipart on this site, just click the product you want and use the design tool to add art from our clipart collection.


  • You can find many unique fonts on sites like and others, most are free for personal use but please review the usage rights if you are planning to resell your coolies or Koozies®, simply refer to the font name you have selected and on which web site you found it using the additional notes area (or include a page link in the notes area). Just telling us the font name is usually enough. In some cases we may not be able to use the exact font but can find something similar.
  • We also offer a variety of different Google fonts if you choose to use the custom design tool feature to create your own.

1 Color Print Designs:

  • Our 1 color print products (aka: screen print) have a lower cost than multi-color printing and in some cases are the only option for a product. But there are limitations.
  • 1 color designs can consist of clip art, text or simple logos, you select an ink color from the list of options or change colors of art and text in the design tool. They cannot be photos, have shading, mutlipe colors or very fine details.
  • Your image should be at least the size you would like it to appear on the product (3" is a good rule), we can reduce the size of a larger image but cannot increase the size of a small image or thumbnail.
  • Please remember to submit designs in a single color or black and white only (not grayscale), we cannot screen print photos or complex designs.
  • You will receive a free proof by email for approval or changes prior to production.

Multi-Color Print Designs:

  • Some products have multi-color print versions for a bit higher cost. For detailed designs, photos, or shading this is the option you need.
  • No Minimum (small order) products all have multi-color print as the only option, so we can print just about anything you want on them.
  • You may have a photo, pattern or other image you wish to use as a background and additional logo or text to overlay on the background on each side, these can be provided in separate uploads, for text just enter your desired text in the boxes provided and indicate your desired font and text color in the notes area.
  • You will receive a free proof by email for approval or changes prior to production.

Text Options:

  • Be sure to provide your desired text color and font name or style in the additional notes area.
  • If using the design tool you will be limited to our font collection for text.
  • You can choose your text color by clicking on an ink color from the list list of colors (1 color print) or by selecting the text color in the design tool.
  • If using our assisted design you may request any font type you wish, please include the name of your font choice in the additional notes area.